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Once I sat in your midst.
I knew religion but not redemption.
 I knew salvation but not restoration.
I knew the rule but not the love. So
 I climbed the wall alone, and now
 I sit just on the other side.
          All that matters is your heart
 and God. Everything else is just an illusion.
          I wait for the sound of the love song
of my Lord. Within, the vast expanse
 beckons me to ride on the endless
wind of His true essence. So my
silence is only my waiting lonely heart.
          This love is my death, the sacrifice
 of my soul for others. May
my demise grant entrance into
 the eternal kingdom for many!
          This overcoming is only the lifting of
 my soul and heart above the stale essence
 of worldly pride and virtues that count for
 nothing in the true realm. All praise to
 the True Lord of all creation.
My peace is pressed
 hard beneath so many chains.
 Death can only be accomplished
when one is truly free.
          I have flown to the stars and back.
By what chains do you suppose to
confine me? My skill of flight is found
in the silence of the one true God.
Today in the wind I filled the entire
valley. I brushed by each tree. I
heard the song of every bird.
Each human thought had with
it the walls of its own prison.
          I am a happy fool. I am no one
 and really nothing. But my friend,
 I am also lost in the fullness of
the true essence. He and I are one.
          My peace is always seen in the
 presence of faith. No fear is more
than a saying on a t-shirt.
          My fall was only counted as
failure by those who were
appointed to by my judges.
          A single burning flame is too bright
 for eyes, yet it is obscured by the
 darkness of the blinded mind. I
 have seen this light and it blinded my
eyes to the darkened world.
          I found my beloved Ha, Ha.
He is hidden just where
 you will never look.
          Don’t be sad. Your chains upon
 me have been turned to dust. Your
 desire to confine me was a chain
 as well. If you will hear me,
 we will both be free.
          A funny thing this love; It is
neither a chain nor a gate.
 It carries with it the peace
 and emptiness of death. Now
once again I can fly.
          Where was my lover hidden?
I searched everywhere. The
last place I looked was within.
There I found a thousand universes
 and my Lover.
          All things and between all
things is the full yet empty likeness
of water. The true Lover is
 everywhere and everything.
 I am not ever alone.
          You thought we were together
 but I was alone. Then I found
Him. Now you think you
are alone, but we are truly together.
          Within is also without. There
 is no separation. All is one. To
say I found Him within is true. To
say I found Him without is also
 true. To say “I am” is true as well.
          This body was just a place to
put me till I found my way.
          You can own this flesh. It can
 be ruled. It can be bound with
chains. But I am free to come
and go as I please. The fetters of the
soul are gone.
          Do not pine away after that which
 cannot be owned. Do not sorrow
 after that which cannot be lost.
Turn back and find your own soul.
Own that.
          The king looked down from
 his window and saw the whole
world. He laughed and said it is just
 burning grass. He closed his eyes,
bowed his head and laughed again.
The true kingdom was in his heart.
          The king dressed like a peasant
and walked among men.
He knew the truth.
          The man who could see well,
walked all his life in darkness.
The blind man had seen the
 light from his very birth.
          Aha, so your secret is out.
Good and evil were a sham. Blessing
and cursing a myth. The path
 hidden behind the world of thinking
and reason was as always, brightly lit.
This path is the gentle humming
stream of contentment.
          At the top of this mountain I am free.
I hear no voice. There is no tug
 on my heart. True and false are not
applying. Were I to shed this flesh
I would be no freer. It is the wings
 of my soul that have carried me up
 here on the wind of your love.
          Peace was always there. But
my adulterous heart had wandered
away from you. Peace my peace, my
 glorious Lord and King, bind
 me in the dungeon of your palace
with chains of love.
          Sitting in the cold snow;
 being baked by the hot sun.
You are in neither and both.
 But it is the cool gentle breeze
 that awakened me and kissed my heart.
          All too often it is the idle rich that seek
the spirit. I must speak words of
hope to the poor.
          Preparing yet a green highway
 in a dry and thirsty land, I have
 found the first gate to be the soul’s
 effort of forgiveness. “Give and it
shall be given unto you.”
          Like the thunder of hell, the sounds
 of the chains of my imprisoned brothers
resounds daily in my ears, yet they
will not hear as I cry unto them
 with the voice of true freedom.
          The rules and laws of the religious
 man will be the legacy of his eternal
death. Look to the skies my brothers.
 Look farther, look to the stars and beyond.
Look yet farther, look within.
There you will find the glorious majesty
of your eternal King, and your freedom.
          Why have I found this highway to
be full of jagged stones. For this
 highway to be clear the
 heart must be pure.
          In the Word of His power my
soul was spoken forth. That
Word is yet speaking and will speak.
          Awake, awake! Open your eyes.
Open your eyes. The whole earth,
 all of it, is filled with His glory. From
the slightest blade of grass, to the greatest
mountain peak, and the fullness of the
expanse between the two, plus so much
more, is the eternal essence of the one true Lover.
So awake, open your eyes. That which your
 eye falls upon, if truly seen, is capable
 of manifesting the fullness of truth,
the Great I AM.
          O Lord, teach me to cast aside
the stale bread of this earthly bond,
and I shall be sustained with the
 sweet sugars of your love.
          I have found my self the one, at
the very center between the lover
and the loved, between the giver
and the receiver. There are
not two anymore but only the one.
 And the one is all. As I become nothing,
I become the one.
          It is the intense beauty of the one
who loves me, that has left me broken,
bare, and crushed, without strength or will.
 There is no hope of recovery and I have
found myself begging for more.
          The scale of justice is the lonely
beating heart of your prophet,
who waits for the release granted
 by your love and tender words.
          I have found freedom inside these walls.
 The mind and reason are the prison
that I so proudly built, but like
 the flowing waters, you have shown
me the free path of the stream of
mindless contentment.
          Stillness, silence, beauty and peace,
were always here. Just beyond the
killing thought or the proud building
blocks of reason, or the deadly knife of envy:
stillness, silence, beauty and peace.
          Who are the masters that will help
us peek back into the moment and
help us find our way? What is the price
 or value of such help? Where will I lie
my self down for the emerald treasure
of such a friend as that? Help me find the way.
          I have fallen. The happy fool is me.
 I have seen myself and God. It’s a
great mystery. I am the happy fool,
the clown, the drowning man and God.
 Find that. Yes, I say, search and find that.
          This is the magic of an earthly pen:
to write the beauty of love on paper
for all to see. Love is the perpetual
death with joy, laid down moment by
 moment for others, as though the life
was only leaves falling from trees.
          I have caressed His face. I am
 undone. When I thought of myself, I
found I was not worthy. So I quit
thinking. Casting self aside, I was able
 to find God and this me and caress the
 face of the Sun, the beauty of my
 Lord and King.
          Chopping, chopping, we strike at
one another not knowing any truth.
 From our pulpits and steeple houses
 we arm the ignorant to bite and
 devour one another. Stop brothers.
 Stop sisters. Gaze into the eternal eyes
 of God and find that you are all
only one. Stop hurting yourself and God.
You are the Gift. I am the gift also.
 God is the giver. You are not my
brother or sister, you are me. God
is the gift and all are one. Two
or three is the great deception.
          I am not writing a book.
 It is really more of a map.
This life of time is the road.
Your heart is the motorcycle.
Find your way home, and ride carefully.
          Say to yourself, “Please stop hurting me.”
Then do it. Love is the only truth.
 To love one or to love all is only
 to love yourself. To love God is to look
 beyond the illusion and just be.
 Say to yourself, “Please stop hurting me.”
Then do it.
I saw you sitting alone today.
You were thinking about me, but
 God was looking over your shoulder
 asking why you felt so alone. Please
 wake up. Please stop and open your
 eyes. He is here right now. Forget me.
 I am the illusion too.
It is so hard to see when my eyes
are filled with this fantasy. Peeking
just beyond the world back into the
 moment I got a glimpse of truth and
saw that I was blinded by the gray colors
of the great illusion. So I chose to let go,
 to stop having care and concern. I only
live now, somewhere in the heart of
the center of the moment. When are you?
Like true justice, all water flows
 to level. He that has two must give
to him that has none. Then I know
 that I shall eat each day. The Lord
has been fed, and we shall
 all sleep well tonight.
          For a lifetime I dreamed a dream.
 Then I woke up and found
that I could let go, for I was
 no longer alone.
          I have shown you only
 what you could see from your
own window. Were you but able
 to lay down all attachment and climb
 from your self made prison, you would
see so much more; the all, the nothing,
the One.
          Peace, peace, I cry from the quiet places,
but you still have preferences
and only know the one,
as two or more.
          High upon my hill there is no strife,
nothing to own or possess, or protect.
 If you find everything to be the One,
what will you defend?
          Fear is the lie that binds you
to the place where you will never
know God. Peace and contentment
are trail marks on the path of life.
 Lay down your backpack,
 and your clothes, and all you try
to drag along, and hike naked
and free to the mountaintops,
the stars and beyond.
          Like a yes or a no,
somewhere between the world
and God lies a simple decision.
But the world, like a prison
or the arms of a beautiful woman,
will hope to never let you go.
          In the tipping glass,
the water always remains level.
 Now my caste has no bounds.
I am the king and the beggar.
 I laugh, because once you know
the Lord, there is never
 a need to beg.
          Free of passion and desire,
 I walk on the wind and dance
 in the treetops. There is no
 longer any effort to the climb.
          Love is this water
that has found level between all men.
 You would better be able
 to withhold air from your lungs
 than to stop the flow of
His serving love.
          I found that the eagle
 has been calling me. He whispers,
“Come up here. It is easy
on these winds. Best of all,
no one will follow you.”
          When God calls, He calls
only my soul. I want to take
everyone with me, but he will hide
 if I do not come alone. He is
everything and He is the
 private secret lover.
          His call does not cease.
 It is the drum that beats
 with the melody of true life;
 the rhythm of all existence.
          You keep tying your ropes
around me. You keep handing me
bricks to build walls. You try to make
a rule that will stop the rain from
 landing on your roof. That
which is, is free. Give up. Stop trying.
 Die if you have to.
          You asked me for peace.
I was surprised that you couldn’t see it.
 It was right there under your
and fears.
          Love stopped on your corner today
and whispered your name to me.
 We talked of your thoughts and selfish
ways without understanding why?
Why don’t you stop blaming and judging
and just love? We talked for a bit then
 love went on its way.
          You must build a very wide nest for love.
Everyone must be able to fit in it with you,
and everyone must be welcome.
          True socialization
 is only the pouring forth of love
from the cup
 of silent intercourse.
          A disciple followed me up
 the mountain. When she saw my
 brother the bear, she screamed.
She was afraid he would eat her,
so he did.
          The first gate is the gate
 of forgiveness. You must go
through this gate to go
 through this gate. So you
 must open the gate as well.
          Standing alone at the garden gate,
 I cannot seem to obliterate the
 faltering gray images of this world
 to find the resplendent colors
of the true garden. I am indeed undone.
We all truly stand each moment
 before the gate of paradise.
Shall we go in?
          The time has come to reveal the veil
 that conceals the everlasting heavens.
You are trapped in the illusion
of the colorless self. You, the self,
 are the veil.
          All that matters is your heart and God.
Everything else is just an illusion.
          Religion is a fortress.
Imagination is a walled compound.
 The mind is a high security prison.
 Escape quickly you crazy worldly soul.
You have the keys to open the gates.
It is your surrendered,
vulnerable heart that sets you free.
          On the mountains you held my hand.
 In the yard you made the tree dance.
 You are always there to reassure
 my forever doubting heart.
          Open the eyes of this simple one.
 One night, as through the window
of a passing train, I caught a glimpse
of a small lamp. It sat in the middle
of a path that led to your golden city.
 Open the eyes of your simple one.
A glimpse is not enough.
          I have trod to the edge of the world.
 Behind me lies the life of the deadly
 empty self. Before me lies only a single step.
 In this place, fear and unbelief
have become my greatest chains.
          A line has been drawn
and I have seen my soul.
I have made all the wrong choices.
The line shines brightly on my soul.
I am all and every evil. Turn away
 from me for your own sake. I will be
 the one to disappoint you. The light of this
 line is so bright,  that it burns away
the hypocrite, and reveals the truth.
          Flying just above the treetops
 there are no limits to this drunken monk.
 Go where I will, you are there
 filling my empty cup
and winking at me.
          You are the light on my path
that leads me to these strange
and unlawful places. The clouded mind
 of religious laws is fading and I find
myself holding the knife that cuts the cancers
from my soul. It is these strange and unlawful
places that weaken and destroy
the self reliant fraud.
          The day I fell,
 is the day I lost control.
The day I lost control,
is the day I surrendered to these rushing torrents.
 The day I surrendered is the day
my weak eyes began to open.
 Now I bow to my master providence
 and submit in contentment
before my angry judges.
          There are claw marks on the back
 of the one who flees from the tiger.
 Rather turn and face your
 brother always.
          The day I found myself flying
among the stars, I found them
 to be just as bright, and just as small.
We are only limited or intimidated
 by our perceptions.
          Just picture God as holding
everything tightly to our planet.
 We, the trees, the animals, the buildings,
 and everything else are not falling off
because of His loving steady gentle pressure.
I laugh because we always think we
know which is up and which is down.
Our upside is always down.
          A goose, a deer, a bullet,
 a pawn, a king, a dollar, a fist,
 I have seen God in all these
 and so much more: a kiss, a whisper,
 a glance, a cloud shaped like the
very serpent himself.
          Is it a woman that stands between
man and God, or is it his passions,
desires, and appetites? You are the only
one standing in your way. The lust
 for the illusion is your chain
 today my brothers.
          Close your eyes. Turn off the illusion.
 Find your true self. Find God.
Two is the lie. There is only the One.
Don’t get lost in the millions
 that are the illusion.
Close your eyes.
          You are me and I am you.
To say I am Christ is true as well,
 for as one of the least of these,
I was fed today. There is only
the One.
          Between you the million,
 and you the One, lies a strange gate.
 This gate is somewhere between your
heart and the edge of your body.
Blow the gate up, and we will fly together
across the heavens.
          I saw a spider on a mirror.
I saw my own reflection in the
same mirror. God is traveling the world
looking for His reflection.
          Always give. Always forgive.
 Always love. Always comfort.
Always help. Always share. I hear
your every thought. I see if your hand
is extended to take or give.
Don’t try to be like me,
be me.
          Show me the coin you have
 hidden in your pocket. Have you
saved it for the needs of the friend
 or yourself? The money of the giver
 just falls out of the sky.
          Why so many gates?
Why so many thoughts of self?
 Is the king content with riches and power?
It is the empty cup that can be filled.
The empty cup is never seen in this world.
It is never restricted.
 I am always tipping my cup over.
          Pride keeps sneaking up on me.
 It is the deadly lion that someone
 must be feeding. Is it I that fed this killer?
Have I scorned humility? Have I traded
treasure for the noose of death?
This pride is the chain of the many.
Against what or whom does
the One measure itself?
          I was sure I had seen myself today.
 He was sitting in a very high place.
 So I quickly hid in the lowest place I
could find, where this tyrant would
never look nor find me.
          To rise half a step above nothing,
 is to miss the all completely.
          This path makes no sense
 to the structured or religious mind.
 It is the strange wanderings of the
 perfect shepherd that have captivated
my soul and crushed my perceptions
on the path of no self.
          I am longing for another glimpse of
the rainbow flames in your gorgeous eyes.
 I am longing for another touch from
 your hand that leaves me as dead
and breathless. It seems deadly,
 but I’ll take the chance.
          I woke up this morning
 and told myself that time is almost over.
Step in the path now.
Yes my friends,
only now.
          When are you?
When is God?
 “I am”
is only now.
          It is only while there is yet breath
 in the body that you must find Him.
 There is no progress in the grave. Do not pick
 up the deadly notion that you will know
Him after death, if you did not know Him
while yet breathing. There is yet a little time.
Waste not another moment. Find detachment.
Find your way, now,
for there is no later.    
          I know your true poverty.
You call it riches. But I see beyond the veil.
 Empty your pockets and fill your heart.
 Be not chained to this world,
this illusion. Break free.
 Find detachment.
Find peace.
          Within each of us is the child
that remembers its way back.
This world lulls that child to sleep
so that the way will be eternally lost.
 Let go of this world little one, and awake to the truth.
 For only those who are awake will
 find their way home.
          With my eye, I see your eye
 and where it is turned. Turn away
 from the world and look to Me.
Look toward your
 true home.
          Today is not a chance, but a gift.
In order to receive it,
 you must give it away.
          This world will leave its mark
 on the flesh of those who are able
to really turn away.
          So what I say unto one,
 I say unto all. Turn away from this world
 and leave everything behind,
 down to the smallest binding thought.
Live with me and all your days in the flesh
 will be days of contentment.
Detachment from self,
and the world, will be your path.
The world will hate you.
 It hates what it cannot control.
Cast your gaze into mine and
 come away with me.
          I was about to say, I love you,
when I saw the
 inadequacy of the phrase.
          I reached out to the universe
 and beyond for the true communicator
of my heart, and the final perfect phrase
 was gifted to me.
             I AM YOU
I am you, is the finishing
 of all earthly thought
and spiritual searching.
          Whether you are my brother,
 my sister, my enemy
 or my lover,
 I am you.
          Whether it is I
who says it,
or God,
I am you.
          You see I am the king
and I am the pauper.
I am the strong and I am the weak.
 I am everything and all,
I am content.
 I am you.
          Whether I am looking to God,
man, the eagle, or the little child,
 I am you.
          Why would I hurt you
or take from you?
 I am you.
          Why will my eye lust
 for that which is yours,
when I am you?
          Why would I start a war
 to enslave or bind you? 
I am you.
          Why would I steal your peace?
I am you.
          I am God.
 I am man.
I am every molecule
in the universe.
 I am you.
          Look at me.
See me.
 Love me.
I am you.

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