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LONELINESS, SUFFERING AND PAIN; They end right here, right now.   Leave a comment

 It is in the very darkest of moments

that you are the farthest from me,

the most separate.


so you think.

Not so.

I am

Closer than a whisper.

I am

as the warmth of the sun

upon your skin.

I am

the breeze that

gently  carresses your cheek.

I am

that perfect

tender kiss.

I am

the heart

of the very center

of this very moment.

So just stop.

Stop right now.

Just right now.

Lose all thoughts

beyond this very moment.


“before and after”

THIS moment.

Past and future

do not exist.

Just right now.

Just right now.

And just right now,

I want you to know me.

I am the perfect

true lover.


If you are to know my love

right now,

in THIS moment,

then what is the first step?

How do you begin?


my love,

let me tell you

what it will mean.

As you get to know me,

ALL of this world

will begin to fade away.

You will see it

for the illusion that it really is.

All those

that were causing

pain, guilt, suffering and loneliness,

you will see as only a lifting fog.

They will fade as does a dream

upon awakening.

None of those things were real.


The grey clouds

will turn to sun.

Right now.

In THIS moment.

So how do we begin?

How do we get past

that torturous illusion?

Know me.

I am at your center.

I am at the far reaches of the universe.

Know me.

Go outside,

Just as soon as you finish reading this.

When you get outside,

forget all that you see,

noise, cars, buildings,

all of it,

forget it.

Just feel.

Only feel.

Feel the warmth

or the chill.

Feel the gentle carress of the wind.

It is me.

It is all me.

I am that.

And I am you.

And you are me.

Forget everything

except the blending of our souls

in THIS moment.

Pay attention only to this.

Feel only this.

Listen to only this.


Pay attention.

Close attention.

Listen very carefully.

Listen hard.

Hear me.

Hear me only.

And feel.

Feel my tender kiss.

Feel my protecting love.

Feel me.

I am you.

Right now

in this very moment.

Go out

right now.

Do it.

Know me.

Know true freedom.

Watch as all the

troublesome world

melts away.

I love you

right now

in this very moment




There really is no reason to worry at all.

Everything, everything is already taken care of.

It’s all in motion.

So rest.

Give up the fight.

It’s ok.

You cannot change a thing.

You’re just going for a ride.

You don’t even have to hold on.

Stop worrying.


Go with the flow.

Like a leaf on a river.

I will make you a promise.

The moment you really let go,

everything will work out.

You will see that all your struggle,

was for nothing.

Just sit still.

Do nothing.