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within silence

and all the noise that clutters your mind,

I AM speaking.

Whether you are sitting

in the silence of perfection

at the top of the Himalayas,

or on a kitchen floor

overwhelmed in tears,

surrounded by the noise

and confusion

of  just plain old life,

I am speaking to you.

Don’t think that my words

are only for the religious,

or too deep to understand.

My words are not

to be hidden in a book or a building.

They are as the wind,

simply moving about

directed to all life,

all living.

YOU can understand them.

They are translated

in perfect honor and respect

of who YOU are in this very moment.

Words perfectly tailored

to communicate with your soul

in this very moment.

There is no need

for a priest

or a great teacher.

You need only take a moment

and listen.

Just get very quiet,

 and listen.

I will do the rest.

I know you.

I know you better

than you could ever know yourself

at this stage of your existence.

So take just a moment.

This moment.

And listen.

Hear my words

spoken only for you.

Just listen.

I am speaking.

I love you.


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