THE TRUTH   1 comment

The truth is better.

Like water seeking level,

it seems to go where it will.

But get ready,

you might consider damage control.

The truth is just like that.

People get hurt.

Too many expectations.

It is either that,

or live up to your neck in lies.

Maybe NOBODY wants me as I really am.

That will be ok too.

The truth.

What a liberator.



One response to “THE TRUTH

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  1. The truth is always best, especially when you are hiding it from others to spare them hurt. The truth of who or what you are can often be seen even when you try to hide it. Sometimes we lie to ourselves more than to others. Do you feel guilty for being who you are? If you feel alone it is because you didn’t try hard enough to connect with others. Is humility and low self esteem the same thing? What are you searching for anyway? What if it was always inside you from your birth and you were running from it? Living in THE PRESENT MOMENT is the best way I know the be happy and mindful of the truth. Don’t get stuck in the past.

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