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Do you know which questions to ask?

Knowing which questions to ask,

is the key to all the answers,

to all the questions.


ask these questions……..

Who am I?


What am I?

They are the same question.


What do I want?


what does my worldly image want,

but the I within.

The last question in this list,

is to ask in the midst of every interaction,

What do you want?

Just get each person to the point.

What do you want??????


Answers to all your questions exist.

They can be found in one place.

All answers,

to all your questions.

One place.


live in the midst of these few questions.

Just narrow down your complex image

of yourself,

to these few questions.

Just take them within.

And if someone comes along to interupt your introspection,

just ask,

What do you want?????

All of life is just this simple.

So my love…….

Who are you?

What do you want?????



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