WHAT IS GOD?   Leave a comment

I have the answer,
but you won’t like it.
The truth is just that way.
Before I tell you,
know this.
Every religion,
was started by someone
who knew someone,
who walked with God.
Did you get that?
And add this to that.
Every religion,
all of them,
are perfectly contrary
to the heart and soul
of the one they claim to follow.
even your religion.
what is God?????
My friend,
take a seat.
God is not your personified deity.
God cannot be dragged through our mud.
That essence that we fearfully cry out to,
is so much more than your little box will allow.
But it is ok.
Just take the dive.
what is God?????
God is,
what is!
my friends,
I say to you…..
God is what is,
Love God.

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