I’M LOST????   Leave a comment

I’m lost,

Or so I think.

But I’m not looking to get saved.

At least not the way you mean.

There would have to be substance,

And you don’t seem to offer that.

Lost in this world.

I’m tired of words,

And not just yours.


My dear Jesus,

I need help.

Sometimes I can’t see beyond the walls of the Church.

Like prison walls,

I’m told what to think,

And what not to think.

Church, prison,

Prison, Church.

I’m looking for that truth,

That makes me free.

It isn’t in the building.

I spent twenty years looking.

It isn’t allowed in.

It’s somewhere outside the walls,

With Jesus.

And now I’m out here.

Tired of words.

Tired of all the noise.

Just so desperately seeking truth.

Not your version…..

The real truth.

The one I find

only in



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