HOW DO YOU KNOW GOD’S WILL??????   Leave a comment

I find it strange

how so many people

are ready to clue me in,

on the “will” of God.


Now, if everyone knows the “will” of God,

as they claim to,

then why do opinions vary so much??????


I’ve never seen anything

so silly.


Somehow people think that God,

the Creator of the universe,

must bend or conform to their perceptions,

to their rules.



how silly.


Want to know the will of God??????



just sit back and watch.


It is unfolding right before your eyes.


In each life,

the pendulum swings both ways,

till the perfect center is found.


He knows what each of us need,

to take off the rough edges

and things contrary.


He will see that each one,

finds our way home.


He loves us that much.


Be careful around those who claim to know His will……………




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