This site or blog or whatever, are the writings or expression of a man on a journey. It is the light that shines through from the midst of an exodus from this life and the religion that is so commonly a trap that keeps us bound and never lets us fly. There is an ocean of pain and tears that has washed these words and left them hanging here to dry. Can you see them? Perhaps the man is just crazy and still falling. God knows. But lifting off from this earth and the chains that belong here is what this is all about. It is the anhiliation of a life and the pain of resisting that destruction that produces the wings, the soaring, the drunken beauty that is the very heart and soul of freedom. Yes, freedom. Not a lie. Not a manipulative myth, but the very essence of true freedom. It is the essence of God Himself. Divinity. True love. Not the cheap version that you can find on any corner. TRUE LOVE. I love you. I hope it shows. These are my words. Find your way.

Posted July 20, 2010 by Perfect Unity

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