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BLAME GOD!!!!!!!   Leave a comment

When this life hurts,

I mean when it really, really hurts,

know that you are where you are,

by His hand.

By His love,

His amazing love,

and by His grace,

His amazing grace,

He has allowed you to be ,

right in the very center

of that oh so painful situation.

His gorgeous knowing eyes,

smile lovingly at you

through each painful moment.

You see,

you’re on a path.

That path is taking you home.

Every time you feel pain,

it is just you,

resisting the path.

It is just you,

resisting His love,

His grace.

We are not wrestling with flesh and blood,

in these tough situations.

Don’t blame man.

Blame God,

or rather,

blame yourself


don’t blame at all.

Just relax.


Go with the flow.

It will be ok.

He loves you,

so stop resisting.

Learn the lesson

of surrender

and acceptance,

and move on.

Its ok.

You are loved.

Just trust.

Don’t blame.

Just let go, and enjoy the ride.

The sooner you let go

and stop trying to control everything,

the sooner it will all be over.

You are the one

causing your pain.




Find it.



HOW DO YOU KNOW GOD’S WILL??????   Leave a comment

I find it strange

how so many people

are ready to clue me in,

on the “will” of God.


Now, if everyone knows the “will” of God,

as they claim to,

then why do opinions vary so much??????


I’ve never seen anything

so silly.


Somehow people think that God,

the Creator of the universe,

must bend or conform to their perceptions,

to their rules.



how silly.


Want to know the will of God??????



just sit back and watch.


It is unfolding right before your eyes.


In each life,

the pendulum swings both ways,

till the perfect center is found.


He knows what each of us need,

to take off the rough edges

and things contrary.


He will see that each one,

finds our way home.


He loves us that much.


Be careful around those who claim to know His will……………




THE CHILDREN OF GOD   Leave a comment


are the children of God?



are they?


I love you.

Each of you.



so beautiful

and perfect

in my eyes.


My love

is beyond

your understanding.


My grace,

my beautiful grace,

is greater than your perception of guilt

will let you accept.


My forgiveness,

is only a mask,

over my love,

to help you understand.


You know not,

what you do.


You know not,

who you are.


And you do not, yet,

know me.

Not as you should,

or will.


I love you so very much,

my beautiful,

beautiful babies.



I AM ANNIHILATED   Leave a comment

Love is such
a strange power.
It stands alone.
Like the snow
on the mountain top
sends water to the ocean,
I will continue
to love.
I don’t need
anything back.
Love is like that.
Labels and blame
are only
the panic
of a perceived
They can never
stop or control
Love from me is like rain.
It is coming to you
no matter what.
Labels and blame.
Hate is only
the panic
of being
out of control.
Out of control.
Know this.
But leave the panic behind.
You are ok.
You don’t
need the death
of being right.
that you
are helpless.
No need
to panic.
I love you.
I always will.
No matter what.

THE TRUTH   1 comment

The truth is better.

Like water seeking level,

it seems to go where it will.

But get ready,

you might consider damage control.

The truth is just like that.

People get hurt.

Too many expectations.

It is either that,

or live up to your neck in lies.

Maybe NOBODY wants me as I really am.

That will be ok too.

The truth.

What a liberator.


GOD SPEAKS   Leave a comment


within silence

and all the noise that clutters your mind,

I AM speaking.

Whether you are sitting

in the silence of perfection

at the top of the Himalayas,

or on a kitchen floor

overwhelmed in tears,

surrounded by the noise

and confusion

of  just plain old life,

I am speaking to you.

Don’t think that my words

are only for the religious,

or too deep to understand.

My words are not

to be hidden in a book or a building.

They are as the wind,

simply moving about

directed to all life,

all living.

YOU can understand them.

They are translated

in perfect honor and respect

of who YOU are in this very moment.

Words perfectly tailored

to communicate with your soul

in this very moment.

There is no need

for a priest

or a great teacher.

You need only take a moment

and listen.

Just get very quiet,

 and listen.

I will do the rest.

I know you.

I know you better

than you could ever know yourself

at this stage of your existence.

So take just a moment.

This moment.

And listen.

Hear my words

spoken only for you.

Just listen.

I am speaking.

I love you.


I HAVE MISSED YOU   Leave a comment

There are times,

when you think

that you are alone.

I know that you feel,

the pain and ache of


but it is only a mistake,


No matter what

it seems like

or how you feel,

you are never alone.

Not ever.


beside you.



with you.



loving you.


loving you.

Just loving you.


I want that feeling

of loneliness that you have

to leave you forever.

Never feel it again.

So turn toward me.

Look at me.

Glance in my direction.

Lean your thoughts toward me.

That’s all it takes.

Just lean in my direction.

I miss you.

I see you

every day.

Every minute

of every day.

I watch

as you struggle

through the day,

trying to do it all yourself,

as though I don’t even exist.

I do.


right here.

Right here beside you.

Loving you.

I miss you.

Couldn’t you just

give me a chance?

A chance to

do this with you.

Lets get together,

and go at each day

as a team.

Me and you.

When I say

that I miss you,

it is because you just don’t know

how really well you know me.

I am the best part of you

and you are the best part of me.


just turn to me.

Remember me.


your beginning.


your end.


your breath

and life.


my most precious one,

you are not alone.

Just think of me.

Call my name.

Listen deep inside

for a moment.

You are so

not alone.

Please my little one,

know the depths

of my love for you.

Be with me.


can come against you

when we are together.

Be conscious of me.

I am here

just loving you.

You are not alone.

Know this.

You are not alone.

Please, please

be with me.

I miss you.