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THE TRUTH   Leave a comment

The truth is better. Like water seeking level, it seems to go where it will. But get ready, you might consider damage control. The truth is just like that. People get hurt. Too many expectations. It is either that, or live up to your neck in lies. Maybe NOBODY wants me as I really am. That will be ok too. The truth. What a liberator.   … Read More


BLAME GOD!!!!!!!   Leave a comment

When this life hurts,

I mean when it really, really hurts,

know that you are where you are,

by His hand.

By His love,

His amazing love,

and by His grace,

His amazing grace,

He has allowed you to be ,

right in the very center

of that oh so painful situation.

His gorgeous knowing eyes,

smile lovingly at you

through each painful moment.

You see,

you’re on a path.

That path is taking you home.

Every time you feel pain,

it is just you,

resisting the path.

It is just you,

resisting His love,

His grace.

We are not wrestling with flesh and blood,

in these tough situations.

Don’t blame man.

Blame God,

or rather,

blame yourself


don’t blame at all.

Just relax.


Go with the flow.

It will be ok.

He loves you,

so stop resisting.

Learn the lesson

of surrender

and acceptance,

and move on.

Its ok.

You are loved.

Just trust.

Don’t blame.

Just let go, and enjoy the ride.

The sooner you let go

and stop trying to control everything,

the sooner it will all be over.

You are the one

causing your pain.




Find it.


THE PATH TO GOD   Leave a comment

Looking for God?

Just how difficult do you

expect that seeking to be?


you could settle

for religion.

The path to God

is too easy.

Just lay down your walls.

Just give up your fight,

and your rights.

Give up your words,

and noise,

and idle chatter.

Just stop!

You see,

He isn’t in a building,

or in your religious



or laws.

The kingdom of God,

the reign of God,

the essence of God,

is within



Give up the fight.

Just get quiet.

Be still,

and know that I AM God.

In the stillness within,

is where He is found.





I’M LOST????   Leave a comment

I’m lost,

Or so I think.

But I’m not looking to get saved.

At least not the way you mean.

There would have to be substance,

And you don’t seem to offer that.

Lost in this world.

I’m tired of words,

And not just yours.


My dear Jesus,

I need help.

Sometimes I can’t see beyond the walls of the Church.

Like prison walls,

I’m told what to think,

And what not to think.

Church, prison,

Prison, Church.

I’m looking for that truth,

That makes me free.

It isn’t in the building.

I spent twenty years looking.

It isn’t allowed in.

It’s somewhere outside the walls,

With Jesus.

And now I’m out here.

Tired of words.

Tired of all the noise.

Just so desperately seeking truth.

Not your version…..

The real truth.

The one I find

only in