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WHAT IS GOD?   Leave a comment

I have the answer,
but you won’t like it.
The truth is just that way.
Before I tell you,
know this.
Every religion,
was started by someone
who knew someone,
who walked with God.
Did you get that?
And add this to that.
Every religion,
all of them,
are perfectly contrary
to the heart and soul
of the one they claim to follow.
even your religion.
what is God?????
My friend,
take a seat.
God is not your personified deity.
God cannot be dragged through our mud.
That essence that we fearfully cry out to,
is so much more than your little box will allow.
But it is ok.
Just take the dive.
what is God?????
God is,
what is!
my friends,
I say to you…..
God is what is,
Love God.


There really is no reason to worry at all.

Everything, everything is already taken care of.

It’s all in motion.

So rest.

Give up the fight.

It’s ok.

You cannot change a thing.

You’re just going for a ride.

You don’t even have to hold on.

Stop worrying.


Go with the flow.

Like a leaf on a river.

I will make you a promise.

The moment you really let go,

everything will work out.

You will see that all your struggle,

was for nothing.

Just sit still.

Do nothing.


Stillness, Silence, Here and Now   Leave a comment


Sit in silence.
You can sit anywhere you like.
You don’t have to sit with me.
The silence near me
isn’t any better
than the silence over there
or anywhere else
for that matter.
Sit where you want.
Are you paying attention
to the wind?
Watch it
in relationship
to your own level of depth.
It is like a moving secret
that carries with it
an intimacy with the infinite.
Love brings with it this sweet
The toy
is sitting still
in the corner of the room.
It is not demanding attention
yet the child
is compelled to look at it.
The toy
does not expect a decision
but the child considers.
Shall we play?
At the parade,
for only a moment,
the veil
slipped off the face
of the young princess.
As others scurried away,
a lonely beggar gazed in awe.
Then he approached the guard
offering his head.
No matter how thick
the wall is,
if we consider diligently
we can usually find a door
or a gate.
It is always there.
Or perhaps
you could go another way.
The end of a war
rarely means peace.
The brutal manipulation
just seems to be finished
and someone
gets their way.


You are, You are not   Leave a comment

Give up,
you are more
than the simplicity
that you have entangled
yourself in.
If I kiss you,
will you open
your eyes?
I only want you
to see.
How happy
you will be
to know
that all this,
all of it,
is only
an illusion.
You are
so much
more than that.

What do you think?????   Leave a comment

All fear and limitations of any kind are only
perceptions. Every boundary is a matter of your
thoughts leading you around still. Stop. Let your mind
go where it will, but let it go there without you.
Thoughts are clouds in the sky. Quit following
them around. Stillness, stillness, stillness.