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STARBUCKS AND A BULLET   Leave a comment


Where is peace?

What is the color of beauty?

How close do angels really fly to me?

The more I know about God,

the less there is to lean on.

So I am sitting in Starbucks,

with a bullet.

How deep is alone?

Can I just keep driving

on this road

called forever?


can I just become a vapor??????

A cloud?

A horse on a hill,

happy to just be alone?????

This long road to empty

is really a bitch.

I am promised pain,

but you never really expect it.

It hits you from the side

when you’re looking straight ahead.

Empty road.

Empty life
Empty head. (I only wish)

Big balls.

Only rolling down this stupid hill,

called MY life.

BIG balls.

Where oh where,

is this most noble Sophia?

Not in the steeple houses.

Not in silly hymns.

She has a box or bag

or a cloud

or bright mist

full of that peace,

that rest,

that I missed.

It’s what I seek.


that final peace.

Just now closing my eyes,

At Starbucks,

and a bullet.