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The truth is better. Like water seeking level, it seems to go where it will. But get ready, you might consider damage control. The truth is just like that. People get hurt. Too many expectations. It is either that, or live up to your neck in lies. Maybe NOBODY wants me as I really am. That will be ok too. The truth. What a liberator.   … Read More


PEACE BABY   Leave a comment

Like wind, Just air, gently, Yes, ever so gently, Caressing you, As a kiss, Blown directly to you, From that perfect essence, That with our child like minds, We refer to, As God. So, Peace baby.         J … Read More


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TWO WIVES   Leave a comment

because I like women maybe,
God set me between two women.
Just like two wives.
For two years,
it was only in my heart,
to love them both.
To love all before me,
as God does,
loving all before Him.
I represent God,
and these two women,
represent men of the world.
Men who want to play
as though they know love,
or know God.
Do you know why
men must SEEK truth?
Because man cannot
recieve truth.
It is too much!
It is not possible for him to accept
that God is that big.
That love is that big.
How can God love me,
and everyone else?
The priest and the postitute
both recieving equal love
from God.
How can that be?
Man without light,
is selfish.
Just like my two women.
One man cries,
God is mine.
He is only like this.
No one knows Him but me.
Another man says,
But God is this way.
He is mine.
No one knows Him but me.
God and truth,
are much better off,
When men fight to confine,
and own God,
they create support systems
of right and wrong.
These systems are called
Not true religion,
but very demanding religion,
God must be controlled.
He must be contained.
Else He will not resemble
what I claim Him to be.
And only I am right.
men must strangle God,
like two women
after only one man
They must conform him
to what their
support system
of right and wrong
So God cannot speak truth openly.
They would be offended.
He must wait over there,
with truth
to see whether
man really wants
to lay down his life,
for truth.
Like the two women.
Both say,
that they have laid down their lives.
But they have not.
These men,
or women,
only make sacrifices
of selfishness.
“I have left all.
I have sacrificed all.
I served you.
I never lived.”
And more,
and more.
They say,
they say.
and I mean right now,
be ONLY mine.
Be what I demand.
I cannot.
God cannot.
These demands
are like walls
without doors.
Nothing gets in.
Nothing gets out.
No room for truth here.
So God is only allowed
to whisper a little truth
from over there
To find God,
to know Him,
there must be risk,
full risk.
All the way to your very life.
Your last breath.
although all claim to know love,
or to participate in love,
it is not true.
real love,
is at any cost.
is so selfless,
It is higher
than right and wrong/religion.
There are no handrails
with love.
No safety net.
cannot be protected
with love.
is empty,
There are no demands.
the religious mind
is as the mind of a woman
for a man.
So God
and truth
must step aside,
There is only one bridge
that crosses over
 to God.
It is the bridge
of trust.
All control is set down.
All demands
are laid aside.
You must humble yourself
before your support system,
and say you were wrong.
step out alone,