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WHAT IS GOD?   Leave a comment

I have the answer,
but you won’t like it.
The truth is just that way.
Before I tell you,
know this.
Every religion,
was started by someone
who knew someone,
who walked with God.
Did you get that?
And add this to that.
Every religion,
all of them,
are perfectly contrary
to the heart and soul
of the one they claim to follow.
even your religion.
what is God?????
My friend,
take a seat.
God is not your personified deity.
God cannot be dragged through our mud.
That essence that we fearfully cry out to,
is so much more than your little box will allow.
But it is ok.
Just take the dive.
what is God?????
God is,
what is!
my friends,
I say to you…..
God is what is,
Love God.

THE TRUTH   1 comment

The truth is better.

Like water seeking level,

it seems to go where it will.

But get ready,

you might consider damage control.

The truth is just like that.

People get hurt.

Too many expectations.

It is either that,

or live up to your neck in lies.

Maybe NOBODY wants me as I really am.

That will be ok too.

The truth.

What a liberator.


STARBUCKS AND A BULLET   Leave a comment


Where is peace?

What is the color of beauty?

How close do angels really fly to me?

The more I know about God,

the less there is to lean on.

So I am sitting in Starbucks,

with a bullet.

How deep is alone?

Can I just keep driving

on this road

called forever?


can I just become a vapor??????

A cloud?

A horse on a hill,

happy to just be alone?????

This long road to empty

is really a bitch.

I am promised pain,

but you never really expect it.

It hits you from the side

when you’re looking straight ahead.

Empty road.

Empty life
Empty head. (I only wish)

Big balls.

Only rolling down this stupid hill,

called MY life.

BIG balls.

Where oh where,

is this most noble Sophia?

Not in the steeple houses.

Not in silly hymns.

She has a box or bag

or a cloud

or bright mist

full of that peace,

that rest,

that I missed.

It’s what I seek.


that final peace.

Just now closing my eyes,

At Starbucks,

and a bullet.


There really is no reason to worry at all.

Everything, everything is already taken care of.

It’s all in motion.

So rest.

Give up the fight.

It’s ok.

You cannot change a thing.

You’re just going for a ride.

You don’t even have to hold on.

Stop worrying.


Go with the flow.

Like a leaf on a river.

I will make you a promise.

The moment you really let go,

everything will work out.

You will see that all your struggle,

was for nothing.

Just sit still.

Do nothing.


ENTER THE WIND   Leave a comment

 the act of  empty listening.
Only just leaning or reaching.
Paying perfect attention in
such a gentle manner.
Yielded, vulnerability.
as only dust
or molecules
blowing away
in the wind.